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Get Out Alive


Latest Episode

Our patrons voted: Rattlesnakes!

This week we're covering the tragic loss of 6-year old Simon Currat, who was bitten and died from a Rattlesnake bite in Colorado on July 5th. You can find the fundraiser for Simon's family here.

We also discuss the Jolo Serpent Handlers, an extreme fundamentalist group that follows the Bible extremely literally, specifically a passage in the Book of Mark that says true believers "shall take up serpents", among other things. You can find the documentary mentioned in episode here.

For more information on how to stay safe around Rattlesnakes and what to do if you're bitten, check out this PDF by the U.S. Forest Service.

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   The Show

Do you like hearing animal attack stories? Do you like True Crime podcasts but hate the feeling of helplessness after listening? The Get Out Alive podcast gives you that True Crime feel, but provides actual tips on how to avoid being attacked yourself.


Host Ashley has a degree in Wildlife Biology and has dipped her toe in many aspects of wildlife biology so far, but especially human-wildlife conflict.  Her co-host and best friend/fellow wildlife lover Nick is just along for the ride.


This podcast was born out of Ashley's frustration when handling phone calls from people who were afraid of wild animals and just wanted to kill them. The goal of the podcast is to be honest about the dangers some animal pose, but also be clear that attacks are not nearly as common as we think. Sometimes the show is able to have survivors of attacks or experts on species on the podcast to provide more insight.





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